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Why You Should Read Star Wars: Age of Resistance

by Syrena

It was the summer of ’83 and I had just left the showing of Return of the Jedi at the local theater with my dad. My mind swirled with exciting scenes of lightsaber battles and  battling Ewoks as we drove home in our huge blue Datsun. Having already seen A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back on VHS, seeing Return of the Jedi on the big screen solidified my love of Star Wars for life.

General Hux: Marooned

Fast forwarding to current year, most everyone is familiar with the disappointment the sequels have brought the Star Wars fanbase. While The Force Awakens was an (arguably) acceptable start, The Last Jedi was a huge letdown to many lifelong fans. Characters with little to no backstory filled the screen and many felt no connection to them. However, that was never the case with the iconic Han, Luke and Leia.

So, what’s a lifelong Star Wars fan to do? The desire to love the new Star Wars is there, but the sequels fail to deliver. In a bid of desperation, I drove to my local comic book shop to see what they had to offer.

The Star Wars Resistance Books by Marvel Comics have been dismissed outright by some fans, just due to how lackluster the sequels are. However, when I saw the well drawn covers and flipped through the great interior art, I decided to give the books a chance. I’m glad I did. (Some spoilers ahead!)

Hux Ordered To Lick Up Spilled Drinks

In the General Hux: Marooned comic, we see Hux as a child, being berated by the Imperial officers around him, one of which is his Commandant father. After a humiliating episode (being ordered to lick up the drinks he spilled on the floor) the scene changes to the future, where an injured Hux is being helped up by Kylo Ren.

This story (not quite ‘Enemy Mine’ but perhaps a nod to it) reveals to us several answers about Hux’s character. We learn why he is so emotional (his father was ashamed of him), why he is so quick to anger (he was often humiliated as a child), and why Snoke keeps him around. As Snoke said regarding Hux: “Pups who are abused often grow to be vicious creatures, but they never forget where they came from.”

Here are two other examples of some titles from this comic series:

Age of Resistance Comics

Star Wars Age of Resistance: Finn” In this book we learn that Finn has a high empathy for others, including non-humans, which sets him apart from his fellow Stormtroopers.

Star Wars Age of Resistance: Snoke” While this comic doesn’t give us the much anticipated origin of Snoke (sadly), it does show us an example of how he trained Kylo Ren, and what he really thinks of Luke Skywalker.

While the gaps the “Star Wars Resistance” comics fill don’t fix the problems in the sequels, they do reveal important information about the characters’ backstories and motivations, with good stories and quality art, which many Star Wars fans are sure to enjoy.

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