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We all need a win – Let’s start with Christmas

by Buddy Lord

“Santa’s Lunch Break” by Caanan White


Ushering in the Next chapter.

Oof, Santa’s had it rough this year. Doing his best to bring holiday cheer to one and all. Forget the cookies, give ole Saint Nick some booze instead. That way he can join the rest of us in shuffling off this year and ushering in the new one.

If you’re like me and the rest of the human race then you’re ready to show 2020 the door and get on with 2021. This has been without a doubt one of those years that none of us will ever forget. The kind you’ll be telling your great grandchildren about.  Let’s count some of the ways this year has completely changed the landscape of the world.

  • We’ve had Australia wide fires perpetuated by raging activists and poorly thought out ecological concern.
  • China created an artificial Sun. Any of you miss that one? Go check it out, that’s been in the works for over two decades and China turned it on a few weeks ago. The rest of the world is fighting over crumbs while China is creating an energy source that could potentially see us leave the galaxy.
  • World wide political terrorism became rampant and exposed with Antifa, and similar seemingly benign organizations, participating in ‘mostly peaceful’ riots, vandalism and other tomfoolery.
  • We confirmed the the presence of Anyons. Any-ons are so called because they have the potential to be almost anything we can imagine. These two-dimensional particles exist in different quantum ( read sub-atomic) states and super imposition, allowing physicists to reach states of matter only dreamed about before. Light-Sabers here we come.
  • Covid 19 hit the world like a meteor. This little bug developed in Wuhan Industries, but somehow not China because Media goons are censoring autocrats, has ‘flapped its wings’ and caused hurricanes of economic conflagration, political upheaval, and personal mortal destruction. The absolute devastation on a world wide scale to our sense of safety and belief in our fellow man may very well be irreparable. Unfortunately, because this little virus continues to mutate, we have yet to see the end of its macabre dance as this ‘butterfly’ is still beatings its wings.
  • An atto-second pulse driven laser could very well end the threat of nuclear waste and disposal for all of Europe. CPA, or Chirped Pulse Amplification is a laser that produces such a high amount of energy in such a short amount of time that it cuts sub-atomic particles away from a whole nucleus, thereby changing the internal quantum mechanics of a particle and possibly bringing the radioactive life of it from 24,000 years down to potentially 30 minutes.  This laser literally cuts away at the fabric of reality itself.

I tell you these things, in this order, i.e. both good and bad, to show you that not everything that happened this year was demonstrably terrible. That’s something we miss when looking back, we often see what hurts us, but it’s all too easy to overlook the little things that could change our lives in the best way. We’re giving sway to the sensational. We’re enchanted by the media with their sentimental sorcery every day, and as humans, we’re charmed into myopia, into becoming a slave to what is right in front of us. We’re being trained to be anti-skeptical and instead becoming creatures of sophistry and conjecture. In short, we’re talking an awful lot, but we’re not doing very much.

So let’s change that.

So how do we move forward?

Everything that happened this year, both good and bad, is a by-product of the totality of human existence. The optimal rationale, as a whole, is to survive and keep surviving. We’ll hit some hiccups along the road, but continuing to live will let us learn, and as we learn we grow. Today, this week, this month and even this year might be hard; yet we build not for today, but for tomorrow.

We are all in this together. Like it or not right now we have but one planet and what you do impacts everyone else on it. Think of yourselves like an immortal thread that weaves and wefts throughout history and everyone you touch changes their color, their direction, their hopes and dreams and becomes part of a celestial tapestry. It’s been a difficult year for us all, so if you see somebody who needs help and you can lend a hand, then do it. Don’t wait to be praised or for virtue to be thrown your way, just reach out your hand and pick them up. If you need a reason then understand that helping someone else can only benefit you. You never know what a small act of kindness will mean in the grand scheme of things, so beat those butterfly wings and see what grand chaos of divine impetus you can impart upon the world.

We all need a win right now. That includes you, me, that guy who just cut someone off on the highway, the woman who just stole the last salmon fillet at the grocery store, and everyone else in the world. We could all use a better tomorrow. So why wait for New Years to make a resolution or to hope for better days ahead? Why not start now?

Join me and Santa. It doesn’t matter if you believe in Santa or not. Join me and the fictional mythological character who represents joy and cheer in this time of year, in a toast. A toast to humanity, to joy, to love, to what might be and what could be. Share a drink with me and whoever else reads this article tonight or in the future, and believe that we can make a difference and have a better tomorrow than today.





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