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The Official Kombat Pack Trailer For MK11 Reveals Arnold As Terminator!

by Vslayer

Early this morning, NeatherRealm Studios released the official trailer revealing the full cast that will be added to Mortal Kombat 11 in the first Kombat Pack. However, yesterday this screenshot below was leaked (again!?), so it wasn’t much of a surprise to anyone who hopped on any social media platform last night.


Should We Water Down Leaks?

Honestly, I’m starting to get a bit tired of leaks. Sure, the DLC was leaked way before the game even released and I knew about it, but we didn’t know who was going to be in this pack for sure, or if they were going to use Arnold’s likeness for Terminator – and that was a bit of a hype killer for me. it’s all fun and games until we know too much.

NRS needs to be better at keeping this information under lock and key until official release dates – and that this point it’s a bit comical how bad they are doing this.

Nonetheless, I am still extremely excited that they used Arnold and out of all of them, he looks the best. And hey, if you remember this article right here, I was right about Sindel being released in November, so there’s something. I was sure she was the next in line, but instead we’re getting the original T-800 releasing the same month as the new Terminator movie. WB’s doing, I assume.

Sindel looks fantastic, and she’s the last klassic Mortal Kombat character to be released in this DLC pack. I am really curious to see her human skins, cause let’s be real, the revenant looks have been used and abused since MKX. Out with the old, in with the new. Show us the Queen in all her Edenian glory!

The Joker has to be my least favorite, and I can just imagine the number of memes in the works right now. His design is solid, but he seems too…pretty? Some are even starting to say he looks like Justin Bieber cosplaying as the Joker, while others are comparing him to GTA Online characters.  I mean, they’re not wrong.

Spawn, on the other hand, is going to make a lot of comic fans really happy. They nailed his look and it seems like he’ll have his chains in the game as a weapon! Just like they teased Terminator with his shotgun. The only downside is that he will only be available on March 2020. Yep, you heard right, next spring.

It may sound like a long wait, and it is, but there are a lot of characters in between to keep us occupied in the meantime!

Did the Accusations of Extreme Crunch Time at NRS Affect Release Dates?

It only makes sense since NRS was under fire about the crunch time when working on new MK games. Articles even surfaced about people getting PTSD from working on fatalities. I’m going to hold my personal opinion for this one, but let me just point out that all these articles conveniently released at the same time MK11 dropped. I don’t believe in coincidences and neither should you.

I do believe, however, that it did directly affect the release date of these new DLC characters, but I’m fine with that. I wouldn’t want people working crazy hours just because we’re impatient and we want this extremely cool-looking characters in the game right away.

And if you think about it, there are only 3-4 weeks between these characters, with the exception of Spawn. My guess is the holiday break coupled with the Spawn movie may be the decision behind releasing him in the middle of next year!

T-800 Is Next In Line!

Since the Terminator is next in line, I wanted to speculate about his fighting style. My hunch tells me he’ll be a sort of grappler and set-up character, like Predator in MKX. Traps and abilities to shock the opponent with some damaging grappling moves to end combos with – hopefully it’ll be buckshot to the face!

I also wouldn’t be surprised if he has a zoning variation, however, I truly am hoping zoning will not be what defines this character. I have nothing against zoning (unless you play Cetrion, then I hate you), but they need to utilize the T-800’s brute strength and make us feel like we’re truly in control of a Terminator.

Time will tell pretty soon, as he’ll be released in the first week of October!

Watch the trailer here:

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