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Suicide and Mass Shootings – Different bullets from the same gun

by Buddy Lord

An outcast by any other name

In the 80’s being a geek was a right of passage, like being in a fraternity only less handsome. Now it’s trendy like neon or troll pencil-tops. Everyone is welcome in the ‘clubhouse’ and the ‘clubhouse’ has changed because of it. Some change is inevitable and inspiring, but not what’s going on now.

What’s going on now is brutal and heartbreaking.

Entertainment and escapism used to be a bastion of solace and hope. A place where the like minded could congress without reprisal and love something together. Now it’s no better than puritanical propaganda. Baptizing people in faux diversity and the facade of being egalitarian. If you disagree with the self-purportedly disenfranchised, then you are called fascist and cast out into oblivion.

For young men this is especially true.

Correlation is not causation, but it can lead us to the root of the problem. ‘#Metoo’ and ‘Cancel culture’ rise in popularity, suffocating choice, due process and free speech. Meeting in confluence and attempting to diminish any opposition. But no such action is without consequence. Corner a hurt animal, give it no option but to go through you, and it will, even at the cost of its own life.

We’ve had a lot of mass shootings lately, haven’t we?

and intentional deaths have also spiked in young males in UK and US.

I disagree with the reasoning Tim Pool has, but his commentary and youtube channel is top notch. Please check it out.

Anyway, back to the topic.

Maybe if we stop calling everyone who disagrees with us a ‘Nazi’, if we teach our youth to deal in empowerment not outrage, and quit giving in to mob-rule; maybe then, young men would feel they had another option.

Something other than mutually assured destruction

or suicide.

If you’re a young man, or anyone for that matter, suffering from suicidal ideation. Please seek help. There are services and people out there who will help you. Here is one of them. 

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