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Street Fighter V – Arcade Edition DLC Leak!

by Vslayer

3 new DLC characters for Street Fighter V were leaked, and I’ve got all the info:

Who loves leaks? I sure do! Whether they’re ethical or not, and we could discuss this at length, they bring the hype. I haven’t touched this game is nearly a year, and one of these characters definitely makes me want to get back into the saddle.

So, steam did an oopsie (no surprise there), and the trailer for these characters was released unintentionally. Soon enough, the trailer flooded Reddit and Youtube alike and Twitter was divided on the issue. The big Fighting Game YouTubers claiming that ‘leaks suck’ – in what world, dude? Others were extremely excited for the additional fighters, myself included.

The first character in this DLC is a returning favorite missing from the base game. None other than E. Honda!

Supreme Sumo!

The other two characters, one which is returning from Street Fighter 4, are both from Final Fight 3. Lucia and Poison herself!

Metro City Cop!


This Rose Has Thorns!

And Capcom, bless their soul, decided to actually put out the extended character trailers and add character details on the official SFV website since it had been leaked anyway. Take notes, NRS!

I was made aware of this fact last night, but Poison was actually rumored by fans to be a trans woman because strong, muscular women in Japan is not exactly their kink – not like in the West anyways. Actually fearing backlash, Capcom turned Poison into a ‘he’ overseas, yet it was never discussed in SF canon, which begs the question: why not do it?

Here’s the answer from Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono:

“It’s supposed to be mysterious; if people want to talk about it on forums or what, not they’re welcome to, but we’re not going to give you a straight answer because, well, there isn’t one. We deliberately want to make it a mysterious thing-that question of what’s at the core of this character. At the end of the day, we don’t have an actual canonical answer to that.”

So there it is folks, there is no real answer to that question and you can make what you want of it! I think that’s the best answer they could have given as to not anger anyone. Perhaps it makes it ambiguous, yes, but who doesn’t love a good mystery?

If you’re interested in these character’s move lists, have a look-see: https://streetfighter.com/characters/

The character I’m most excited about is Lucia, and it’s no coincidence that she looks a whole lot like my main from MK11, Cassie Cage! Don’t believe me, here are Lucia’s alternate outfits:

Cassie needs that Battle Costume!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “But V, Lucia predates Cassie, by a lot!” She sure does, and perhaps this tells me that the Final Fight Cop is actually my one true love.

Seriously though, I couldn’t be more hype for these characters and as I’ve said before in the past, DLCs in fighting games change the meta and I think Lucia definitely will. It seems she has a run, juggles, and projectiles. MK much? Count me in!

The DLC is set to release August 4th, just before the big fighting game tournament, Evo. You can buy them individually for 5.99$ or buy it with 100, 000 fight money. But if you want them all, you should wait until August 5th where you’ll be able to buy the ‘Summer 2019 Character Bundle’ for 14.99$!

I’ll leave you with the extended character trailers for all 3 new fighters, enjoy!



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