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Sexual Assault Claims Surface in the FGC After EVO 2019

by Vslayer

An issue that is bigger than just this quickly growing community.


After the major fighting game tournament Evo this year, a lot of accusations surfaced about sexual assault and inappropriate behavior during the Red Bull after-party. Amongst those accusations, we also saw a lot of confessions by prominent members of the FGC (fighting game community) apologizing for said behavior. That’s fine and dandy, but words are just that —black ink on white pages. Actions speak exponentially louder than words.

False accusations are dangerous, and prominent — or perhaps we’re lead to believe they are . I stand by the principle that anyone accused of sexual misconduct is innocent until proven guilty.  However, in a court of law, it’s pretty hard to prove anyone’s guilt on innocence, since the evidence can be scarce, nonexistent, and difficult to validate.

I understand it’s a greatly debated matter, but the biggest mystery of all has to be why people who are assaulted don’t speak up right away. Sure, we could apply psychology here, but what would that serve us? It’s not going to bring us closer to a solution. Meanwhile the victims suffer under whispered derision, implications that what they feel is fake fear and fake shame.

They’ve been told to stay silent, to fear reprisal, but let’s end that right here and now. It’s the attacker that should fear you. It’s the attacker that should be ashamed of their actions. Yet somehow, our society has it all wrong. As we know, we’re really great at blaming everything else around us except ourselves.

My parents, especially my dad, always taught me to fight back. That I shouldn’t let anyone walk all over me for any reason. You see, I was bullied a lot when I was a kid, and I didn’t do anything about it. Once I started taking my father’s advice, people stopped bullying me because I fought back.

Sure, slamming heads in lockers and punching people isn’t the best solution, as one can quickly go from being the bullies to the bully, but there are plenty of ways to make someone fear you without being violent.

Predators love to chase their prey, they love the thrill of violating someone’s trust, someone’s personal boundaries and getting away with it. It makes them even more confident in continuing this deplorable behavior.

If victims don’t speak up right away, they are enabling this behavior. I’m not saying the victim is at fault, don’t get my words twisted. I absolutely believe that if someone in passing touches you, then you should yell at them and shame them publicly.

In truth, nothing can be done to change someone’s mindset or actions. They will only change once they truly want to change themselves. Once they realize that they have issues that are deeper than just wanting to cop a feel on someone who isn’t looking or paying attention, or know that they won’t fight back, then they’ll seek the help they need.

However, that only happens once accusations are brought up – when darkness is brought to light. None of these confessions would have happened if the victims didn’t speak up. So, I’m telling you this all now, ladies and gents,

fight back. 

Immediately, forcefully, and with everything that you’ve got.

What if it’s more than just assault?



Regrettably, there also have also been accounts of the party attendees being drugged at that same after-party. Most suspect roofies, the common drug of choice used by the useless sacks of excrement to violate someone without their consent. Pardon my language, but some things simply do not need a filter.

So what do you do then, when you’ve been drugged, can’t walk straight and trust the wrong person? I’ve seen some disgusting comments of people saying women shouldn’t go to parties or should dress more ‘appropriately’, and they try to pass off this obvious sexism as a solution to a problem that comes from the predator, and not the prey.

The only solution that I can see is to fight back, speak up and don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed. Both men and women need to work together to fight this problem and if we team-up, then let me tell you that this will be more of a deterrent to this kind of behavior than the possibility of going to court.

I’m just a journalist reporting and perhaps offering some food for thought. However, I have to say that I don’t want people to act like women are fragile flowers. We can defend ourselves, but we need to start doing it without fear and without shame.

It doesn’t mean, however, that we should falsely accuse anyone of something so serious, as was the case here. Unless you have proof beyond a reasonable doubt that this person did it, then there is no reason to force someone to have to get a lawyer because of hearsay or rumors.

The FGC is taking action!

I’m proud to see FG organizations doing something constructive to improve the safety of the attendees during these large tournaments. Banning people who have admitted to sexual misconduct is the right thing to do. As I mentioned earlier, we can’t force anyone to seek help, but preventing them from attending these events will do a lot to push them in that direction.

If I ever see any sort of assault or inappropriate behavior going down, you can count of me to come to your defense. I don’t care about being kicked out of a bar (I don’t drink anyway), I’ll protect anyone in need of help, and RKO any fool that tries to act like an uncivilized chimp. You have my word.

Make sure that you surround yourself with friends with that exact mentality – whether you’re a man or a woman.

Always kick ass at video games!

But most importantly, be safe, because you don’t get a reset in real life.



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