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Rainbow Six Siege’s New Explosive Operators!

by Vslayer

Rainbow Six Siege is an FPS game that is a complete joy to play, and so vastly different from other games in its genre you have to wonder how big game developers like Treyarch got Black Ops 4 so very, very wrong.

R6S is also known for the realistic gameplay as well as using real tactical units from the military to create their operators. This game focuses on tactical situations, every defensive and offensive matches are vastly different from one another, requiring you and your teammates to work up a plan according to the opposing team’s operators. Fail to do so, and you’re getting a bullet in the dome.

Exhibit A:


Operation Ember Rise – Year 3 Season 4

Ubisoft releases DLC packs for this game, called Operations, which typically add two new operators. One male and one female, as well as a new map. Or in this case a rework of an old map, Kanal. What’s amazing about this, is that every operator has a unique gadget to help them defend or attack, and with the addition of new characters, players must adjust to the new threat and get creative.

Operation Ember Rise is the newest DLC to be added to the game that was released August 19th, last Monday. The two operators that were added were Goyo on defence and Amaru on offence. Both of their gadgets will change the name of the game in a way that we’ve never seen before.

Goyo – FES (Mexican Special Forces)

Goyo is the new defending operator and his gadget will force attackers to think twice before shooting. He uses an aptly named Vulcan shield and hidden behind it is a live incendiary charge ready to detonate and engulf everyone in its flames.

Upon detonation, the area surrounding the blast will catch fire and burn anything and anyone in its path with a devastating area of effect. Paired with other traps such as Frost’s bear trap, or Kapkan’s EDD, will create a fatal combination. This is the reason why teamwork and tactical planning is extremely important in this game.

But don’t let the strength of this gadget get to your head, as the charge can also be set off by enemy attackers. As any good real estate agent would say: location is key.

Amaru – APCA (Peruvian Special Forces)

Amaru is the new attacking operator and her grappling hook will make any defender paranoid about watching their flank. This gadget grants her the ability to quickly move across the map, enter windows, climb onto ledges and roofs to find the best vantage point, or to simply surprise the enemy.

Amaru will also be able to travel upwards through hatches, which is the first time an operator is granted such a skill (and was widely speculated for Nomad before her release in season 1). This increases the ease at which the player can move through the map and flank the defending team, and much more rapidly.

The Garra Hook comes with a few weaknesses, however, as Castle’s Shielded doorways or windows cannot be targeted by this gadget. A friendly player would need to destroy the barricade to grant Amaru access to that window or door. Again, teamwork is very important in this game.

And, of course, there is a limit to the distance that can be travelled with the hook. Once you’re inside, the only things you’ll be able to target and move through are hatches. As it is right now, you also cannot grapple onto something lower than your position. Meaning, you can’t quickly escape a firefight and zoom across the map to a lower position if you ever find yourself in such a predicament.

Ubisoft Paving The Way For Shooters

You can buy these operators with in-game currency called Renown that you get from daily quests and playing the game. Each Operator costs 25,000 Renown or 600 R6 credits that can be purchased with money. If you buy the season pass, however, it will all be included in there. OG operators Mira and Smoke will both get Elite Skins in this season, which can be purchased with money.

There is a Reddit thread detailing the weapons and attachments the operators will have if you’re interested in knowing more, but the full profiles of both Goyo and Amaru are now on the R6S website.

This is DLC done right folks, and R6S may have had a really rough launch but I believe that right now it’s a force to be reckoned with as it’s one of the most fun, challenging and exciting shooters out there on the market. Say what you want about Ubisoft, they know what they’re doing with this particular franchise.


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