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MK11 Kombat League Skins For Seasons 3-5 Leaked!

by Vslayer

Season 5 labeled ‘Sorcery’

Resident file shuffler and explorer of all things you shouldn’t go through – though let’s be honest we all appreciate it – Murdoink was able to recover the skins and images for MK11 Kombat League Seasons 3 through 5.

Today, August 13th, Nightwolf is released on console and PC. The Steam version of the game, along with the new DLC character, also got the much-needed balance patch that consoles received last week. Because of this, new files were added which he was able to find and go through. He dug out banners, emblems and even the skins we will be able to unlock as we compete in the Kombat League!

Season 3: September

For this season, titled ‘Revenant’, we’ll see skins for Liu Kang, Kitana, Jade, and Kung Lao. All characters who were killed by Sindel in the Mortal Kombat 9 story line. This season will start 2 weeks after season 2 completes, at the end of August.


Season 4: October

The 4th season will start in October if the costumes weren’t already an indicator of that. The bright orange glowing eyes and the black outfits these four characters wear is indicative of the Halloween season, and no doubt why it’s aptly named ‘Chaos’. We will be able to unlock skins for Cassie Cage, Sub-Zero, Noob Saibot and Frost! I’m really excited to finally get a new Cassie skin, and the glowing eyes are a plus!


Season 5: November

Season 5 is named ‘Sorcery’, the character skins modeled after the evil sorcerer, Quan Chi. Kano looks a bit silly, but I still appreciate the call back to this character that probably isn’t going to be featured in this game as a playable character any time soon. I think this season still definitely seems like it’s part of that Halloween themed, as all characters are dressed as the now-dead sorcerer.

Now if you may not play the Kombat League at all, you’re probably wondering if you can still acquire these skins after the season is over. No word on that yet, but my guess is they will be available through special event towers or perhaps even purchasable through a costume pack later on. If you want them as the season is released, however, you’ll have to play through the Kombat League to earn them!

You can find more banners and emblems for these seasons at the MKWarehouse.

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