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Lady Alchemy – The looking-glass of Martina Markota

by Buddy Lord

Martina Markota doesn’t see the world like most people do.

She sees everything in lux and lore that most of us will never know. That’s why her comic book ‘Lady Alchemy’ could be unlike any other indie proposition.

Blessed with exotic almost alien natural beauty, some might dismiss her voice, but that would be a mistake. Martina speaks in the only language she knows. Truth. Not the truth that the media spoon-feeds to millennials or that those enslaved to policy bloviate, but the truth she can herself divine. This maxim is the spine of her first foray into storytelling and comic books. It is her heart in every page, an indelible footprint she wants to leave on the world, and at its core it is her looking glass.

The story.

Lady Alchemy is about a burlesque dancer who has terrifying visions. The kind that keep you up at night. About the shadows and darkness in places nobody wants to look — in broad daylight. Being that Martina was excommunicated from the industry she worked so hard to get into, it’s not hard to see the impetus for ‘Lady Alchemy’. We write best what we know, what we have felt intimately, and unfortunately what’s hurt us the most.


In the story Lady Alchemy combats the demons of her visions with alchemical spells. Martina researched ancient texts and uses historically accurate symbols and verbiage to create a blazing neon nuance.

Alchemy is the truth of life, a language that lies somewhere between science and art. So it makes sense that Martina’s character would use Alchemy as a way to speak truth to power. Because after all, that’s what Martina does every day of her life.


Beauty is truth, truth beauty, —that is all Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know – Jonathan Keats



Martina is a mathematician who speaks through art and personal gesture. Most likely because she feels that it’s a direct and unimpeded path to your brain. What she wants to do with her comic is spread beauty, truth and empowerment through art. If you want to help her with that goal, ‘Lady Alchemy’ is still In-demand and available on Indiegogo. Back it and give her an encouraging word. 


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