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Buddy’s Notes – Cancel Culture is torching free speech

by Buddy Lord


Free Speech doesn’t need a ball-gag.

It’s a fact of life in today’s society that you’re judged for whatever you dare to say in public, especially any Social Media. The companies have taken it upon themselves to make sure that you’re aware of this. Their rules, cloaked in a conspiracy of benevolence, are in actuality very stringent and singular. They think they’re punk, but they’re just posers, because they’ve forgotten one thing. Punk never wanted to be rich, famous, or even remembered — they just wanted to be genuine.

Being diverse, woke, and riding the flow of frustration caused by the opportunistic masses, does nothing but feed the machine. Everybody’s brave until they stand to lose. It’s easy to stand up for what you have no personal stake in — because you win either way. If it loses, you were at least virtuous, and if it succeeds, then you were part of the team; but as we see with the recent NBA controversy and Disney’s removal of both Finn and Rose from international posters, most of these individuals and the billion dollar companies that support them, are only as brave as their bank accounts are padded. Threaten their money, and all the sudden their ability to stand for what’s ‘right’ washes away like tears in the rain.

Isn’t that just good business practice?

Now you can do what you want, but I refuse to support companies that limit free expression in lieu of international dollars. I’ll give my money to someone like Martina Markota. Chase Bank ditched her like a bad recreational drug, and left her with very few opportunities to make a living for herself, but she dug her heels in and pushed on through. She didn’t change her conservative and economically minded principles, she worked even harder. Maybe that attitude comes from her family roots, a vestige wrought from her parents being immigrants and having to dig and scrap for every morsel they got to eat.

She was already kicked out of the burlesque circuit because of being conservative, but Chase had to take it a step further. If you want to help her out, go check out her youtube channel and support her. Too often the norm for dislike or dissonance of opinion is to eradicate the opposed. To diminish the ability of their voice to be heard, because that’s how a normal human thinks, right?

No, no it’s not.

That’s how communists and fascists think. That’s what Stalin, Hitler, Pot and many other worldly demons wanted. And yet right now;  that is what the media, tech companies, sports companies, and sheeple of the world want. They hide it, mire it within the benign presentation of diversity outreach; but what they really want is to dictate what you’re allowed to believe. To move the norm for society like an ‘overton’s window’ into whatever topic profits them best. In short, they want to cut you out as the middle man and just take what they want of you by force.

We have one and only one weapon against said tyranny  —  free speech. Our ability to say what we believe and create what we want, to be heard as a voice among voices, is the one thing that sets us apart in America. And yet, we want to give it away. We’ve got the belle of the ball, the prom-queen, an opportunity of a lifetime compared to most countries; and we want to toss it aside to hunt whatever new Marxist agenda is lying around pleading for equality.

Please don’t tell me that we’re that stupid.

Free Speech is for Everyone

You can think what you want, have sex with what you want, hope what you want — all you have to do is let others do the same without legal or violent ramification. If you feel disenfranchised, then speak out. If you’re hurt, then let someone know, but stop promoting the elimination of free gesture and speech.

This goes for everyone: for conservative, for liberal, for those made of cheese. Erasing the past, forgetting the lessons we’ve learned, and squelching the voice of humanity as it rises is not progression, and it sure as hell isn’t diversity. It’s a broken philosophy that only leads one way — to oblivion, and I don’t want to be forgotten, do you?

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