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Buddy’s Notes – A Joker by any other name

by Buddy Lord

The final trailer for ‘The Joker’ dropped early this morning.

Joaquin Phoenix seemingly plays a middle aged man lost in the throes of his impotence. Unable to achieve that which he wants so badly — to make people laugh.

This is the crux of his character.

Deconstruction often relies on characters attempting to do good, and failing. Thus sliding off the edge of a precarious cliff and falling into the worst of themselves.

The worst of us all.

‘The Joker’ turns a man who wants to share his smile into a man who wants to share his pain.

We are all but frail flowers, teetering on the edge of oblivion. Petals lost in the wind, torn to detritus, and forgotten.

I’m not a fan of deconstruction. I think it’s a lazy tool to use in writing. You tear something down, strip it of anything that made it what it was; and rebuild it without morality, faith, or hope.

Technically, this could be an amazing movie. With astounding shots, amazing acting, and a brilliant score. I just think it’s low hanging fruit for a story, and lends nothing to either the mythos of Joker or comics in general. It seems to be a comic movie with no ‘comic’ whatsoever within it.

That’s a shame.



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