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APEX Legends Can’t Save EA From Rapidly Plummeting Stock

by Vslayer

Should we care?

Apex legends is a Battle Royale type of game that was released by EA early last year. It was dropped out of nowhere and took the PC community by storm. This new EA title was a direct competitor to all the BR games currently on the market, such as H1Z1, BO4 and the reigning champion, Fortnite.

On the image to the left, we can clearly see a peak in February of last year, when Apex was released, and it soared a bit higher after that, but nonetheless, there has been a massive drop this year as interest garnered from the game quickly wore off.

The issue, however, lies within EA as a company. If any of you have been following their game releases, then you know how they have gone under fire for really shady and money-hungry practices. From loot boxes, oh sorry, I mean ‘surprise mechanics’, to straight-up telling their fans they’re ‘uneducated’ because of the Battlefield V controversy over the historical inaccuracy of the portrayal of women in the game. And, the cherry on the cake, Anthem. Everything about it reeks of corporate greed.

They’ve seen the front page of news articles, but for all the wrong reasons in the past few years, so it’s no surprise that the company’s stock is at an all-time low.

Their Stocks Is Not The Only Thing That’s Fallen

Viewership of APEX on streaming platforms such as YouTube, Twitch, and Mixer has also drastically fallen since last year, down 10 million hours, which is a very substantial amount. The drop-off could be attributed to the fact that EA paid well-known streamer when the game launch to bring attention to it – and that’s fine.

If you don’t pay to actually advertise the game the old fashioned way, then pay the gamers who will play it on stream. If the curve doesn’t maintain, then that’s a big clue that the game is lacking something to bring new viewers to its streams every day.

Here are Twitch stats of hours watched between Fortnite and Apex for comparison on this platform:

However, since then, the game’s popularity hasn’t increased at all. To me, that was a big surprise since I really enjoyed the game when I played. From its ping mechanic to its classes, I thought it was positively refreshing as far as BR games go. Except, I stopped playing after a few weeks, and it seems I wasn’t the only one.

Patches for the game are few and far between and nothing is really added apart from one character and one weapon with slight changes to the map. In a game that has one game mode that locks you in a 3 player-group regardless if you’re with friends or not, it doesn’t allow for much diversity. Especially when other games in the same genre have solo, duo and quad game modes. They have much more to offer and perform much better with viewers.

Are Battle Royal Games a Dying Genre?

Fortnite wasn’t the first of this genre, it was simply the first game to popularize it to the public to such a massive degree. Back in my prime (8 years ago), if you wanted to play a BR game, it was a heavily moded and bugged version of Arma 2 called Dayz. All my OG gamers will remember this. And now all the memories of losing your sniper and ghillie suit just hit you in the gut. Dayz PTSD is real. Friends were made, trust broken just to survive. It was a glorious time.

Dayz mod for Arma 2

This game didn’t have a map either, you absolutely had to remember small towns because you didn’t choose where you spawned and you needed to be able to start running in the right direction so you could find some good weapons, food, and water before hitting zombie hoards – or worse, another human player.

Personally, that is what’s truly missing from BR games these days. And perhaps as of now, H1Z1 is the game that is closest to that, but it still doesn’t have all the immersive survival elements that create high stakes apart from coming first place.

Other than these games, Player’s Uknown Battlegrounds is also very popular, yet I can’t really comment as I never played the game.

You can now buy Dayz on steam as a standalone game, but if you can, I suggest the moded Arma 2 game if you want the classic feel of breaking your leg while running across stairs and needing a friend to apply a tourniquet and give you a blood transfusion while zombies are approaching your position.

The game still has live servers and I believe it’s much more enjoyable than the standalone game developed by Bohemia Interactive.  But, that’s a review for another time.


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